Automotive Art Paint Line

We supply all your Automotive Art Paint Line supply needs from Prep to Priming to Painting to Clearcoating. Sold in 70 countries around the world, these products all comply with VOC regulations and standards. In addition to high performance and superior color matching techniques, Automotive Art is also easy to use and inexpensive.

So, wait no longer, get started.

Start your job with Automotive Arts Platinum body filler this product just about sands itself. When your filling is done try Auto Arts Direct to metal Hi Solids Primer.

For your Paint needs Try Motobase LV Paint Line this paint is A high Quality Low VOC Solvent Basecoat. Which must be clear coated. When used with the Automotive Art Clearcoats this System Provides An Exceptional Optical Effect, High Durability, Resistance to Chemicals and Lasting Gloss.

To complete your job, use the Automotive Art Clearcoats be it a 2:1 mix ratio or 4:1 mix ratio we can find a clearcoat to suit your needs.  This product is a key part of the Automotive Art Paint Line.

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Automotive Art Paint Line