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At Central Alberta Paint Supply, we simplify your quest for quality automotive supplies. Our Supply Finder tool makes it easy to locate precisely what you need for your automotive projects. Whether you're searching by manufacturer, or by categories, try using keywords in our description search to narrow down the selections. Finding the right supplies has never been more convenient. Our body shop supplies selection includes trusted brands and suppliers, such as 3M, renowned for its premium products across almost all categories. CAPS also carry other top brands like, BASF, DeVilbiss, Lord Fusor, SATA , U-Pol, and many others, the list goes on and on. From different types of paints and coatings, body panel glue, sandpaper, tape and everything inbetween. Our inventory is vast and we have access multiple warehouse and disributors making Central Alberta Paint Supply your go-to destination for quality automotive supplies. Keeping it affordable while offering convenience and excellence all in one place.

When it comes to spray cans, browse our paint code section for customly mixed in store spray cans, check out our Paint Codes Finder. Find your cars paint code color locally on your vehicles appropriate location. For other types we also offer premade spraycans colors and primers from respected brands like Dominion Sure-Seal, Dupli-Color, Krylon, SprayMax, SEM, and more. As a friendly reminder, Please avoid combining different paint types, such as enamels with a laquer, and particularly steer clear of oil-based products when using solvent based products. Mixing a solvent-based urethane automotive paint with an oil-based paint like "Tremclad" or "Rust-Oleum" as they can and will lead to several issues due to their differing chemical compositions and drying procedures.