When you are working on fixing your car, waiting days for the required paint is a monstrous inconvenience. This is especially true if you are performing a touch-up job. At Central Alberta Paint & Supplies (CAPS), we understand that getting the paint you need to complete the task is often time-sensitive in many cases. The whole process can halt if the paint is not ready, causing potential issues later on. CAPS will make your paint order the same day, allowing you to start the project on your own timeline. Let’s read about the benefits of working with CAPS and our ability to do same-day automotive paint custom mixes.

Match Your Color Code

Often, we have people asking us to match the current color of a vehicle. If this is the case for you, bringing in a physical piece of paint from the automotive you are working on will help us to get the closest match possible in any of our physical store locations. If you aren’t able to bring in a paint chip in-store, find your vehicle color code to get an accurate automotive paint match.

Because of aging, fading, and the difference in perception of colour between people, colors will not always be the exact shade of your current vehicle. Color matching is a science, but we will work diligently to match your new paint to the current one on your auto as best we can. CAPS always aims to get as close to the color code as possible.

Create a Custom Automotive Paint

Our staff have worked with customers in Edmonton looking for both automotive paint for a simple touch-up or a full-body repaint. Whatever the finished product you are hoping to achieve, we can help you get the paint and tools you require to do the job. In-store orders of paint can be ready same-day so you can begin your work when you are ready. You can find the color code of your current vehicle’s custom paint online, or we can help you create your own custom paint in person at our Edmonton store.

When it comes to deciding the amount of automotive paint you require for the job you are preparing for, talk to our expert staff. Each of them have the knowledge it takes to scope out the needs of your project and help you determine the paint volume and the tools required to do a good job.

Edmonton’s Favourite Auto Paint Supplier

For all of your automotive paint supply needs, Central Alberta Paint & Supplies has you covered. We supply automotive paint, sanding instruments, paint applicators, and everything else you need for a flawless DIY paint touch-up. Come to our Edmonton location to grab all the tools you need in one place. Not sure what supplies you need for the work you are doing? We can help! Contact our team if you have any questions you need answered, or come say “hi” in-store. We’d love to chat with you and discuss the information and materials you need.