To get the impeccable finish you are looking for in your auto project, you need high-quality automotive paint to do the job right. Those products are precisely what we supply through our three warehouses at Central Alberta Paint & Supplies (CAPS) in Canada. All of the automotive paint materials and tools you need are available at any of our locations. We crafted our inventory to accommodate everything you may have missed or run out of when prepping for your automotive paint project. Let’s discuss why CAPS is the leading automotive paint supplier in Canada and what we can do for you.

Let Us Help You Do It Yourself

We look forward to hearing about our customers’ DIY projects when they come in looking for the right paint. If done right, fixing the paint on your vehicle with the right products should be straight forward. If you are unsure about any of the processes that will go into your DIY project, please feel free to ask any of our knowledgeable staff at any of our stores in Canada. Let us help you pick out the right automotive paint, primer and sealant while giving you insider tips on how to make your paint job blend seamlessly.

What Information Do I Need?

At CAPS, we supply everything you need to patch up that paint job or repair that rust spot nicely. To get the materials you need, you should come to us knowing the make, model and year of the auto you are working on and the paint’s color code. If you know what kinds of tools you have available at home, that would also be beneficial for our staff to know. We supply spray cans and pens, but we also supply quarts of paint. With the above information, our staff can walk you through what supplies, what quantity of paint, and what form they will be most useful to you in. Anything you may be missing to begin your DIY automotive paint job, we carry in-store or can source the parts on your behalf.

CAPS Automotive Paint For All Autos

All of our warehouses carry the paint necessary to suit even newer models of cars, and our staff can create the color you need within the week. From antique cars to new ones, we can help you restore or touch up any automobile. Tape, sandpaper, primer, and air brush hoses: it’s all available here. You can walk out of CAPS completely ready to start the project. Each member of our staff has experience in the automotive industry, which has given us a unique inside perspective on how to do the best quality paint job. We’d love to share any information we have with you!

Since 1964, CAPS has been supplying high-quality products to people like you who are looking for the best automotive paint in Canada for any auto project. Each of our reliable staff has insider knowledge that can help you to create the perfect DIY project. We have over 80,000 products available at any of our three stores across Alberta and a range of partner warehouses.

Contact us to get your custom color, or find us at a participating warehouse across Canada.