Using automotive spray paint may seem straightforward, but the result is not all dependent on just this one part of the process. If you are aiming to achieve a flawless finish on your do-it-yourself paint job, follow our tips below. At Central Alberta Paint & Supplies (CAPS), we aim to help each customer attain the paint job they want on their vehicle by giving insider tips and tricks along with the supplies they are looking for. When you visit us at any of our stores, our staff can help you find everything you need to do the best job you can, as well as teach you how to use any and all tools you purchase from us. Keep reading to glean some of those tips and tricks our staff have on hand.

How You Prep Your Vehicle Matters

Proper preparation accounts for a significant amount of the final result. Preparing your vehicle correctly for automotive spray paint will help you to produce smoother and more seamless results. Starting with a clean vehicle that’s been scrubbed and dried is the best course of action. Ensure the vehicle is completely dry, then sand with appropriate grit, taking the time to advance to finer grit slowly. This process helps the paint to adhere to the body of the vehicle.

Deal With Rust Before it Becomes an Issue

As with many matters, waiting to address the problem until it’s unavoidable is never a great idea. If you spot rust on your car, it’s better to care for it before it becomes a significant problem.

To deal with the rust, you’ll first need to get rid of the current rust through sandpaper or using a razor blade. Use a rust inhibitor spray, then use your primer once this has dried. The longer that you leave rust to sit and fester, the more it will grow. The touch-up automotive spray paint will help keep the rust at bay for longer.

Don’t Wait Too Long After Sanding to Start

Our key window for painting after sanding is from immediately after up until 24 hours post-sanding. If you decide to wait an extra day to paint with your automotive spray paint, it’s best if you buff up the area once more with sandpaper to create more grip for the paint and primer to stick to.

High-Quality Products Do Make a Difference

The amount of effort you put into using the automotive spray paint will show in the final result. Using products that require many layers of paint opens up room for more error in the process and can also mean you aren’t using quality paint.

We will remind you here as well that using primer before and clear coat after the automotive spray paint will help increase the longevity of your paint job.

Get Everything You Need at CAPS

Central Alberta Paint & Supplies has all the materials you need for any project, from a quick paint touch-up to a full restoration job. Contact us or come in person if you have any concerns or questions, and we will do our best to answer them.