Paint Touchup Pen Tricoat

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Paint Touchup Pen for tricoat is used for minor repairs to your vehicle’s exterior paint for chips, cracks & scratches to your car’s exterior.

Product Info

Product Info

Use the Paint Touchup Pen for tricoat for minor repairs to your vehicle’s exterior paint. It provides easy repair to minor chips, cracks, scratches and marks to your car’s exterior.  The pen’s paint comes in any color code listed by your vehicle’s manufacturer for a precise color match.  We guarantee color match (with some conditions).

The features of our paint pens are listed below.

  • Use this inexpensive & versatile method to touch up minor paint issues
  • Use both pen or brush for finer details
  • Contains low-VOC paint
  • Choose from 3 different kit packages
  • Use pen tip for fine scratches
  • Use brush end for larger chips
  • Tricolor – basecoat color, midcoat color and clear coat

Call us if you have any concerns or questions. We will do this by guiding you with the best options for paints and also kits that include various materials required to get the job done professionally.  These kits include sanding pens, degreasers, tack rags, wiping cloths, primer and clearcoat.

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