GLAEM4770 Grille Emblem

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GLAEM4770 EM4770 Grille Emblem Chevrolet Chevelle 1972 Plastic SS Front sold in AB & across Canada by Central AB Paint, Supply & Auto Body Parts

MPN (SKU): glaem4770
OEM: EM4770
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
Year(s): 1972
Class: Grille
Category: Emblem
Item Type:
Item Sub Type:
Material: Plastic
Location: Front
Product Categories: , ,
Product Tags: Autobody Parts, Automotive Parts, Auto Body Repair Parts, Autobody Parts Store, Autobody Repair Parts
Short Description: GLAEM4770 EM4770 Grille Emblem Chevrolet Chevelle 1972 Plastic SS Front sold in AB & across Canada by Central AB Paint, Supply & Auto Body Parts
AKA: Front Grille Emblem SS
Avaliability: Sold online and in stores in Red Deer and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Product Info

GLAEM4770 EM4770 Grille Emblem Chevrolet Chevelle 1972 Plastic SS Front sold in AB & across Canada by Central Alberta Paint & Supply (CAPS).

GLAEM4770 EM4770 Grille Emblem – Purchase/Price Options

Grille Emblem part/pkg is available for sale to our customers either individually or in bulk. The pricing for each unit depends on whether the buyer is a preferred customer or not. Preferred customers receive discounted pricing, while others are encouraged to apply for preferred customer status, which takes approximately 1-2 weeks for approval.

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Grille Emblem Chevrolet Chevelle – Sales Tax

Sales tax is calculated based on the country and province of purchase. If the product is picked up at our store, tax is calculated according to the tax rules of Alberta, Canada, where our stores are located. If the product is shipped to a different province/state, tax is calculated based on the respective jurisdiction. We handle this calculation on your behalf and include it on the invoice.

Emblem for Chevrolet Chevelle – Shipping Fees

When purchasing GLAEM4770 Emblem from our stores in Red Deer or Edmonton, Alberta, we do not charge any shipping fees. Similarly, if you make an online purchase but choose to pick up the product at the store, there will be no shipping charges.

Conversely, if you choose to have the product shipped to your location, we do charge shipping fees. These charges are determined by the size of the package and the distance to the destination. Please note that we use the Standard Canadian Courier Guidelines to ensure consistent and fair shipping rates.

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GLAEM4770 EM4770 Grille Emblem – Warehouses

We maintain stock of this product and similar auto body products in our warehouses across Canada. In times of supply shortages, we collaborate with other autobody industry suppliers and warehouses to source hard-to-find products. This allows us to work on your behalf to reduce backorder and delivery times for those products as well.

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Other Product Names/Descriptions for this Grille Emblem

Below, we provide other industry part identification numbers, names, and descriptions for this product to assist customers who have limited information.

Other Industry Part ID Nbrs:

  • Stock Keeping Unit SKU: glaem4770
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM: EM4770

Other Names & Descriptions:

  • Previous CAPS Name: Front Grille Emblem SS
  • General Description: Grille Emblem Plastic

Other Product Fits Info:

  • Fits Detail: Chevrolet Chevelle 1972 SS
  • Location on Vehicle: Front

Extended Info

Front Grille Emblem SS

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