MC1193106C Rear Bumper Cover Spoiler

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MC1193106C Rear Bumper Cover Spoiler Mini Cooper 51127380030 2015 2016 2017 Plastic MC1193106 4 Door Hardtop w/ Park Assist Sensor Holes w/o John Works

SKU: MC1193106C
OEM: 51127380030
Alternate SKU'S: MC1193106
Make: Mini
Model: Cooper
Year(s): 2015-2017
Class: Rear Bumper
Category: Cover
Item Type: Spoiler
Material: Plastic
Includes: w/ Park Assist Sensor Holes
Excludes: w/o John Works
Color: Matte Gray
Product Categories: , , ,
Short Description: MC1193106C Rear Bumper Cover Spoiler Mini Cooper 51127380030 2015 2016 2017 Plastic MC1193106 4 Door Hardtop w/ Park Assist Sensor Holes w/o John Works
AKA: Rear Bumper Cover Spoiler Fits Four Door Hardtop Models Without John Cooper Works With Park Assist Sensor Holes Matte Grey -CAPA Certified
Avaliability: Sold online and in stores in Red Deer and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Product Info

MC1193106C Rear Bumper Cover Spoiler

Mini Cooper 2015 2016 2017 – 51127380030

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Industry Part ID Numbers:

  • SKU Number: MC1193106C
  • OEM Number: 51127380030
  • Alternate SKU: MC1193106

    Other Product Info:

    • Location on Vehicle:
    • Excludes: w/o John Works
    • Includes: w/ Park Assist Sensor Holes

    Other Product Detail:

    • Visual: Matte Gray

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    MC1193106C Spoiler Cover Mini Cooper Rear Bumper 51127380030

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    Extended Info

    Part # MC1193106C for:
    Model Years: 2015, 2016, 2017
    Parts Category: REAR BUMPER
    Product Type: COVER
    Product Feature: SPOILER

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